The tables listed below can be searched for in the Quick Actions menu or found in the navigation menus. These are the most notable tables but not a comprehensive list. 



  • Item - the item table details all attributes of items available per line of business 

  • Item Activity - all transaction history per SKU

  • Adjustments - all adjustment history per SKU

  • Serials - all serial numbers captured per SKU


  • Inventory Detail - details on-hand inventory (Location, Lot, Expiration etc.)

  • Perpetual Inventory Log - details inv. both depleted & on-hand 

  • Inventory Snapshot - details historical inv. levels on any day in the past (days end) 


  • ASN - details inbound orders 

  • Quick Receipt - details inventory received via Quick Receipt

  • Item Receipt - line by line record of all receipt details from ASNs and Quick Receipt.


  • Order - details outbound/sales records 

  • Order Line - line by line record of all orders

  • Shipments - details attributes of shipped orders (tracking status, freight, etc)

  • Cartons - details shipped cartons


  • Fulfillment Process - details regarding each fulfillment process (documents, errors, etc)

  • Fulfillment Plan - details how orders are picked packed and shipped 

  • Fulfillment Process Log - details information/errors regarding fulfillment processes 

  • Carton Type - details predetermined shipping cartons


  • Locations - details all inventory locations 

  • Cycle Count - details cycle count results 

Alerts & Audits

  • Alerts - details errors and warnings automatically detected by the system 

  • Audit - details all happenings within the system