Orders will land in your ‘Order’ table in Infoplus. Every line item on an order will also have it’s own unique record within the Order Line table for more granular reporting. 

Order Statuses

  • Pending - orders will be land in a pending status and will remain in this status for 30 seconds up to a couple minutes. If there are any automations (triggers, scripts etc) this is the time in which those would be happening. 

  • On Order - indicates the order needs to be pick packed and shipped. 

  • Processed - indicates the order has been queued for fulfillment or is in fulfillment. *Please note the order cannot be changed once it hits this process*

  • Shipped - indicates the order has been shipped 

  • Canceled - indicates the order has been cancelled

  • Backorder - indicates the order is a back order.  By default, every line that can’t be allowed on an order will have its own backorder (if backorders are allowed). Alternatively we can implement a script that consolidates all backordered lines into a single backorder. 

Orders can be created manually, bulk uploaded, via API, or through our shopping cart connections. 

Order Date - date the order was placed

Customer Order No - references your customers order number. Can contain letters and/or numbers.

Customer PO No - references your customers PO number. Can contain letters and/or numbers.

First / Last Ship Date - date range in which you should not ship before/after. Optional*

Customer - customers can be selected from an existing customer record or created on the fly. 

Line Items - details the SKU’s and quantities on each order. 

  • Order Assembly Instructions - add an internal note on the line item for your pickers

  • Override Receipt for Fulfillment - manually select what receipt of inventory is allocated. 

Carrier - select your parcel or LTL shipping carrier. 

3rd Party Parcel Account - if you are shipping on a third party account, select it here. 

Ship Complete - determine if you allow orders to ship partial or if they must be complete.

Priority Code - integer 1 to 999999 that determines the priority of allocation for the order. The system will first attempt to allocate orders with a higher priority code. 

Additional Tabs - add order messages, choose templates and more.