Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN): A record of a purchase order and/or anticipated inbound shipment. 

Line of Business (LOB): Used to manage inventories & business processes independent of one another. 

Fulfillment: Process of picking, packing and shipping orders (Fulfillment of Orders). 

Cartons: Outbound packaging  -  12x8x4 Box, USPS Flat Rate Padded Mailer, Poly Bag etc.


Item vs Inventory: It is important to know the difference between items and inventory. An item record details attributes of an item itself, such as total overall quantities, descriptions, weight and dimensions.  For example,  Inventory records detail the physical units of inventory received in associated with each item, ie 12 ‘units’ live in location A-01 or,  6 cases of production lot IP2039 live in Location A-01 with an expiration date of 6/1/19.