1.  From the ASN table in IP, select Create New in the upper right corner.

2. Fill in required fields

  • LOB (for clients this will default. ML agents must select)
  • PO number
  • Vendor
  • Warehouse
  • Order Date

3. To add the SKU/Item number click on the Add button next to line items header.


4. A new window will open. This is where all of the line item details are to be entered.

  • SKU
  • Order Qty – qty being shipped to ML
  • Due Date- Date the order will arrive
  • Cost
  • Distribution Date – date item is available for ordering. This will default to the order date that is entered on the main page.
  • Max overs/ Unders – this should default to what is already set up in the item record.
  • Rev/Exp Date – only when required
  • Production Lot – only when required

5. Once all required information has been entered, and nor more SKU numbers need to be added, click the OK button. If more items need to be added, check the “add another” box, and then OK. The window will refresh and you will be able to proceed directly into entering the next line item. When all items have been added, uncheck the “add another” box, and click the OK button.  The window will close and take you back to the main screen.

6. Once all of the details of the ASN have been completed, click the save button at the bottom right of the screen.