1. From the item table in IP, select create new in the upper right corner.

2. Fill in required fields on main screen of order details (*).

  • LOB (for clients this will default. ML agents must select)
  • SKU (limit 20 characters)
  • Status
  • Item Description (limit 40 characters)
  • Unit Description-how it will ship out (i.e. each, case, pallet, etc)

3. In the tabs section, the following details are required:

  • Catalog
    • Category and Sub Category

  • Details
    • Charge code – chargeable
    • Critical amount – zero or qty to keep in reserve
    • Max Cycle & Max Interim – maximum qty allowed per order
    • Seasonal - yes or no based upon item
    • Hazmat – based upon item

  • Operations
    • Lot Mixing Rules – details are based upon how items should be received
    • Item Mixing Rules – Details based upon how item is to be stored

  • Purchasing
    • Back order – yes to allow a back order to be created when an item is out of stock. No if no back orders are needed.  

  • Legacy UOM
    • Wrap Code – this should match the unit description (i.e. each, case, pallet, etc)
    • Units per wrap (i.e. to ship out a case, unit description = case, wrap code = case, units per wrap = 1)

4.  To attach an image, click the link and either select or drag and drop image.The image can then be cropped and saved.


  • The image can then be cropped and saved.

5. Once all fields have been completed, click save button on bottom right of page.